Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back In The Day

Cleaning up the house i ran into some old pix.
For some reason old pictures are always funnier to look at when your surrounded by family.

Gotta Love It

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kairos 81

Kairos began as a bonding experience. It ended with walking down the 110 Freeway.

Some reactions to the bus stopping:

Finally on our way home.

This is the life that i live.
Love it.



How to have fun when you're bored.

Monday, May 18, 2009

You Gotta Remember These

Video gaming was once a way of life for me. Through the years of growin up i used to go hard on the stix and get all sorts of games. I've probably played mostly all the systems, but only owned three which is most definitely all i needed.

First off, my first love
Playstation 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
Favorite games for it:

Crash Bandicoot

Any Madden or NBA Live

Original Spidermans

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Pictures, Images and Photos
and countless more

Second off is my
gamecube Pictures, Images and Photos
Talk all the crap you want but that thing was beast. Some of my faves for that are

Sonic Adventure Battle 2

Sonic Battle 2 My Version Pictures, Images and Photos
Luigi's Mansion (which scared the shit out of me)
luigi Pictures, Images and Photos

Super Monkey Ball
Super Monkey Ball Pictures, Images and Photos

and of course many many more

and last but not least is my long and steady, the one i still occasionally hook up to this day


PlayStation 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

There are seriously too many games to name for this system so i'll give you two of my favorites
Any wrestling game
smackdown vs raw Pictures, Images and Photos

and NBA Street vol 2
NBA Street VOL 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

You can keep the lil 360's, Wii's and Ps3s, i'll pick any of these over those any day.


I remember when i was in elementary school and actually had time to play video games.
When i could come home to my Sega Genesis and just beat up some body on Street Fighter or get as many rings as possible just because they are fun to get, playing Sonic.
I even remember my first encounter with sports games, collecting Madden 92' all the way up to madden 98' for my Sega.

And later playing all of these same games on my Sega Dreamcast.

Also remembering my Netindo 64 on which i played nothing but Super Smash Bros.

These were days i wish i could just have back or live through just one more time.
But those days are but a memory. So all i can do is reminisce.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Pajama Day at Loyola High School.

Following this.
We celebrated my boy Justyn's birthday with some bowling and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.
Great times.
A lot of fun.

I Love My Life

Athletes and Boredom

This is my boy Anthony Bar.
The number one college recruit out of Loyola High School.
He takes a day off from track practice, and i walk into the trainingroom to find this.

His face covered in tape.
I do not know why.
I do not think i want to know.
Just Life.


Marlborough High School Champagne Party

Just another day out in sunny LA.
Some friends and i head to our friend Taylor Ball's house to join a lot of my senior homechicks from Marlborough High School in celebrating their Senior Prom.
Four years go by faster than you could believe.