Sunday, March 29, 2009


AIM IM with itainthardtot3ll3/29/09 9:52 PM

gmaniskool: watup dog

itainthardtot3ll: wats good my nigga?

gmaniskool: shit chillin
shoppin for prom shit

itainthardtot3ll: fosho, i hate formals lol

gmaniskool: lol
i kno nigga

itainthardtot3ll: shiiiitt my dude we need a new post

gmaniskool: hahah
i kno dog
i was thinkin about that today
wat we gon post?

itainthardtot3ll: ummm idk, jus make it real tho lol
some shit we all can relate too

gmaniskool: hahaha
new shoes
niggas like shoes

itainthardtot3ll: hahaha nigga i aint have new shoes since like freshman year lmao

gmaniskool: hahaha
thats wack

itainthardtot3ll: pretty much, im not a shoe addict my nigga

gmaniskool: ummmm
like ppl really give a damn about our love life

itainthardtot3ll: well your love life, and my one night stands lmao

gmaniskool: hahahahaha
right right

itainthardtot3ll: niggga i jus saw a pack of cougars eat a big ass elephant lmao
wat type of shit is that lol

gmaniskool: wat channel nigga?

itainthardtot3ll: discuvery lol

gmaniskool: hahaha
*discovery nigga

itainthardtot3ll: close enough my nigga, i feel as long as i got my point across its straighhhht
thats that bosco shit nigga

gmaniskool: hahaha

itainthardtot3ll: fuck it we cant think of shit

gmaniskool: fuck it

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ok. So we're all up on jerkin & the new hits that have been constantly droppin by YG, Tay F 3rd / Tay Pushas, Cold Flamez, New Boyz, Vixen Ent, Pink Dollaz, etc. Well, i've known CeCe and Cammy B. from Pink Dollaz since Pre-School. I was kickin it with em today and got some previews of some songs soon to be on your ipod. i have video of them w/ the new song, but sorry, that is info i will just have to conceal. i also got to tlk to them about the other artist listed & they mentioned that a lot of people confuse them with Vixen Ent. but there is no beef at all. They actually said "them our bitches." lol. so yeah. its alotta love in the jerk music game right now. Please listen to and support the "Pink Dollaz". Much Love.

My Boy Hugh

thanx Lorenzo

Hugh the MC x Duz Collab from Lorenzo Alvarez on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reminiscing = Good Times Pt. 2

I miss back in the day when life was simple. When if you weren't playing tag or cops in robbers, you was on the playstation or Gameboy Color playing Pokemon Blue. When wrestling was actually cool, and Jesus himself couldn't convince you that it was fake. When going out at night ment having a sleepover with the homies, and you begged to stay just one more night, then almost in tears when moms made you come back home. One of the most memorable things for me though was the tv shows, and since chief showed you guys his favorite nick shows, i'll show the cartoon networks best.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bro A.Barr

My boy since 8th grade. Boys For Life.

Reminiscing = Good Times

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the bros E.Lee & JB ! ! !

Known Eric since Kindergarten. JB since 8th. Boys For Life.

DEAR DARLA (letter to the new facebook)

I was tlking to a friend last night and we were tlkng about how we hate the new facebook. I said we should write a letter that reads something like this.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

BUSY Saturday

Witha all the driving and stops. This was one busy Saturday. In the end. it was worth it.
You've gotta love the fast life.

-E.Lee & Chief

JB and E.Lee's Kickback/ Randy's Bday !

Successful celebration ! All the homies and home-ets made it. = FANATICS.

LOYOLA vs. Eisenhower @ UCLA


First SAT. it went well.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Times = Good Burger

OK... Let's Just Have Fun

First Things First.
For all who do not know,
FANATIC= a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal;eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence

Ok. All Blog haters and critiques, please get over yourself and just do your own thing. How about we all take a word of advice from Ty Adams (
I quote "At the end of the day its a good look as far as I'm concerned, BUT! we need to lay down some foundation. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! If you see something you want to use from another blog, please try and squeeze in a shout out or source."
Just do yo thing. and make it different and interesting.

2 Fingers Up
-Chief and E.Lee

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Thesis of Elevation"

"Thesis of Elevation"- Hugh Augustine the MC

This album is DAF= DOPE AS F*kc.
i would normaly say if u dont have it by now, kill yourself. BUT please dont do that. Just buy the album.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Eric and and i were bored as hell at my house. So we rolled to Phil's.



This dude was bored on his second bowl of carmel popcorn and watching BACK TO THE FUTURE. lol.= bored as hell.

Eric and i decided to invade.